Running Riot

11 Aug

Well, not exactly, but I am on track to meeting my target of 3runs this week: 2 down 1 to go.  To be brutally honest, I am not feeling any better, any healthier, any fitter, or any more energised.  I am more tired, my bones and muscles ache and I am literally having to get my husband to haul me up off the sofa and throw me and my trainers out of the front door.   I realise that I will need to do this for at least a few weeks before I get back into any kind of running groove.  But I will grit-doctor my way through it.  What on earth does she mean by that you may well ask?  I mean I am being really hard on myself and not listening to my own bullshit excuses anymore.  I will run because I have said I will.  End. Of. Story. 

On another note, if these rioters were made to train for a marathon do you think they would be cured of their recidivism?  I do.  If running can help beat cancer surely it can help beat crime?


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