Running away from pastry

15 Aug

So, met my target of 3 runs last week and am definitely feeling 100% more motivated to continue running this week. It feels as though I have broken through some sort of mental and physical block and am finally back in the game. Even more impresssive is that O did 3 runs too and we have been grit doctoring each other every step of the way. We also managed to paint the spare room over the weekend and I’m sure the extra energy came from having run…

I significantly shortened the runs and slowed right down. I think one of the main reasons I kept giving up before was because I was pushing myself too hard too soon, trying to run the same sort of distance and speed that I used to and then feeling horrific afterwards. So this time I just ran 2 laps of highgate woods very very very slowly but by the third run I was wanting to do another lap. I resisted and am going to stick to 2 laps again this week and then increase it next week. Slowly slowly is most definitely the way forward.

Plus, I must stop eating a pain au raisin EVERY day from cafe neros. They are sinfully good but it is a bad habit that must end tomorrow (already had one today)…


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