O is a Mumad

22 Aug

What is a Mumad? A Mumad is both a mum and a dad (a word which perfectly encapsulates the role of the father of multiples). I have lovingly bestowed the title of Mumad upon my husband following this weekend (where he took charge of the twins whilst I was off at a hen do in Brighton). Not only did he cope, but the twins appeared to be injury-free and seemed relatively unscathed after what I imagine must have been a weekend of total chaos.

The thing is, a father of mulitples doesn’t actually really get to enjoy being just dad in the same way that those of singletons do. Why? Because he is also having to play mum quite a lot of the time. When one of the twins is unwell for example, then the other twin is more often than not cared for by O. From day 1 he always had to deal with night feeds and indeed many of the other duties ordinarily filled by mum. So it should have come as no surprise to me that he handled it all so brilliantly this weekend.

On another note, the twins are 11 months old today and driving me up the wall so I must get away from them for an hour tonight and be restored to sanity through the power of a run…


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