Running Plenty

5 Sep

Went running last night – 3 laps of the woods and it was a good ‘un. The first ‘good’ run I have had since I started running again and whilst it was good it could have been better. And it will get a lot better.  I can feel it. Something has shifted for me mentally.  The gargantuan effort that had previously been required to get out of the front door has lessened, and the dread which used to accompany every run is no more.  I think this is because the run itself is getting so much easier, and as I slowly get fitter it all feels like less of an effort. It has taken well over a month of running regularly again to get back into any kind of groove and as I said I still have a long way to go fitness-wise, plus I need to increase the distance and pace (a snail’s at present, starting to get pissed off about the sort of people who are still overtaking me quite effortlessly and would like to be able to do some overtaking myself.  In fact, I am going to overtake someone on my next run if it kills me).

On a very happy note indeed, my stomach seems to have completely deflated this past week – is it the running or the absence of 7 pain au raisin?


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