Running to music

12 Sep

The Grit Doctor is not a fan of running with an Ipod.   I hate the fiddliness of headphones and wires and something strapped to my arm – I find it impossible to relax as I can’t forget that they are there.  As I was mid-run this evening and mid-ponder the music question, the theme tune to Flashdance – What a Feeling – started playing in my head and I realised that I do often in fact run to music but only in my imagination.  Perhaps this is odd, I wonder if other runners do this – sing to themselves (not out loud) to help spur them on.  I definitely do it when racing or trying to overtake someone.  Sadly, I have the much less inspiring Cbeebies soundtrack haunting my head throughout most of the day but when I run, that awful noise stops and I get to choose what I listen to.  There is another kind of music – the sound of my breath, slow, deliberate, rhythmic – the music of my body if you like – which I love to listen to when I run.  It is only when I am running that I am conscious of my body as a working machine in a way that throughout my other daily activities I am not aware.  It is at once incredibly humbling and  empowering: humbling to acknowledge that my body has to work to survive and powerful to experience a sense of being able to control it.  

I’d be interested to know what other runners think: to run to music or in silence? We’ve created a Top Ten running tunes playlist right here – if you have a favourite song that inspires you, add it to the comments and tell your fellow runners why. And if you find that silence is golden, I’d love to hear from you too!


2 Responses to “Running to music”

  1. Simon Johnson October 4, 2011 at 8:49 am #

    If you dont like a fully blown Ipod with strap, try a Lunatik or TikTok watch band ( + Nano iPod. Works for me…

  2. Yasmin January 16, 2012 at 4:47 pm #

    Bodymusic RUN by Defected is the best download I’ve had… I’m an old house music lover and this is just brilliant, vocally inspiring, pumping beats!!! More miles for me, please!!!

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