A runner is born

27 Sep

This blog began because my very strict editor told me that I really ought to do a running blog given that I have a book about running coming out in January. Obedient student that I am I agreed without hesitation despite the fact that I was in a complete running funk since having the twins a year ago and a total social media virgin to boot so this was going to be quite a challenge on all fronts.

What struck me during last weeks runs other than that they are getting easier and easier, both mentally and physically, is that I am almost beginning to look forward to them. At last I feel as though I have properly re-integrated this very good old habit back into my life again.  And I have none other than my very own blog to thank for it (and of course my brilliant editor Hannah and my social media guru Rhiannon, at Little, Brown).  It is a running blog after all so I had to run in order to have anything to blog about. The commitment to blog generated the commitment to run. 

However, now that I am a runner re-born, I feel the urge to extend myself, both on the running front – a race maybe? and on the blogging front -something else to write about perhaps, but what?


One Response to “A runner is born”

  1. Very strict editor September 28, 2011 at 11:46 am #

    As if I could ever make The Grit Doctor do anything! x

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