Guest Post: Keep on running…

17 Nov

Team RFBR Training Week 2

I was pleasantly surprised this week to find that no one from Team RFBR had made any excuses (the dog ate my trainers, the editorial director brought in a victoria sponge and now I’m too stuffed to run etc.) and dropped out of our running programme. Instead everyone turned up on time, trainers laced and eager to get going on run number two!

We were completely blessed with the weather – yesterday London was blanketed in dark, grey skies with a nasty, damp, drizzly rain thrown in for good measure. However, as we left the office to start a brisk walk along London embankment, the sun beamed down, and the November chill kept us cool as we jogged over Westminster Bridge. I think sunny and cold is the best possible weather for a run, and by the time we’d finished along the south bank we all had a lovely rosy glow!

The Grit Doctor herself joined us for this run, and she seemed quite pleased with our progress (phew!). Next week we’ll be extending our running time, and distance…fingers crossed snow isn’t forecast!

Hannah Hargrave, Publicity Manager Sphere


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