RFBR Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

25 Nov

I went for my first run wearing the brilliant RFBR t-shirt last Sunday.  I was a bit nervous to be honest – so bold and brazen are the words: ‘RUN FAT BITCH RUN’ – that initially I covered it up with my hoodie, but 20 minutes into my run the hoodie had to come off.  Almost instantly, smiles, nods, winks and occasionally, outright laughs were being directed at me!  It was a great feeling – to be amusing people on their afternoon stroll.  I felt like such a spectacle that I ran a bit faster and for a bit longer than usual so it worked as a great motivator for me aswell! 

After my run I exited the woods and started walking up the steep hill home only to be accosted at the bus stop by a man who said “Where did you get your t-shirt from?  I want to buy one!’  Endorphin-drunk, I offered this complete stranger the world – free book, invite to the launch party, a twin or two….

Could this be the beginning of a Grit Doctor fashion range?  The RFBR Spring Summer 2012 collection has a great ring to it, non?  But seriously, I am hard pushed to think of a better moment – a random man wanting to buy my t-shirt who, after my explanation could not have been more enthusiastic about the book.  And I am delighted that team #RFBR had such great reactions too on their run.  I can’t wait to join them in my t-shirt next tuesday for our training session!


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