Run Fat B!tch Run: The Power of Marketing

25 Nov

People in publishing love words. People in marketing love messages. As an employee of the Little, Brown marketing department and dedicated RFBR team member, my job is to love them both. The physical act of running? Nope. To be honest, I’m not a big fan. But the words Ruth has written in her book? The positive and practical advice they impart? The message of an all-round better, healthier, happier and slimmer lifestyle you can take from the book? Love them.

When we came up with the idea of an in-house running team, my mission (along with publicist extraordinaire, Hannah Hargrave) was to make sure it had as much of an impact as possible. A group of fifteen or so girls (women? B!tches…?) running through the City are hardly inconspicuous, but I wanted to make our efforts work harder. The solution? T-shirts. Put a RFBR team member in a bright pink branded t-shirt and what you basically have are fifteen mobile marketing devices, streaming through highly populated areas, reaching a key target demographic (lazy City workers scoffing down their lunches) and raising a few eyebrows. Perfect.


Team RFBR - we move with such speed that the photo has blurred ever-so-slightly...

Yesterday was the first time we’d run en masse in our brand new branded outfits. After the obligatory publicity shot (oh look, it’s a bit blurry, what an awful shame), we spilled out onto the chilly winter streets, ready to spread the RFBR message to the unsuspecting people of London. And we couldn’t have hoped for more. Everyone stared. Most people smiled. We got a couple of honks from cars coming down the Embankment and several unavoidable shouts of ‘run fat b!tch’ which I am going to assume from the (generally) friendly tone of voice were intended as encouragement more than some kind of comment on any of our personal attributes. One person even had their photo taken.

We got a lot of knowing nods from joggers, but most interest seemed to come from members of the general public – those out for a stroll, Christmas shopping on Southbank or people eating their lunch. And these are the kind of people we’re hoping to reach. Not fitness obsessives, but normal, real people like me – and maybe even you. People who might just benefit from picking up this book and a pair of trainers, taking a bit of time out of their busy weeks, and changing things for the better.


Editor Hannah models the latest fashion to take the City by storm...

The message to take from this post? Running can be fun. Others might point or stare or even shout things out, but mostly it’s because they’re intrigued. They want to be part of the club. Pre-order your copy of the book now, and find out what all the fuss is about.


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