21 Dec

Great article in the Guardian by Sam Murphy, full of practical advice on how to prepare for a run outdoors in the freezing cold What he doesn’t help with is how the f*** do I get out of the front door when the fire is on, and the temptation of a glass of mulled wine is ever-present? Its all very well advising us about what to wear on a winter run, but who in their right minds is ever going to want to step outside in these freezing conditions, except to a party or the pub? (other than the seasoned running nuts of course for whom winter is simply a call to dig out and dust off their running gloves). 

The answer is ONLY YOU, with the help of your INNER BITCH (with whom the grit doctor recommends you become best friends) can get you out of the front door.  How?  I will be calling myself a FAT BITCH and laughing my way into my trainers and outside over Christmas. I went on a run last Friday before my interview with Helen Rumbelow of the Times for my book ‘Run Fat Bitch Run’, and it was the first outdoor run I’d done in a few weeks, preferring the warmth of the gym and the treadmill.  But it really is the answer if you want to feel completely invigorated refreshed and raring to go, and to glow for the rest of the day to an extent with which the treadmill can never compete.  I can think of no better way of making my Christmas than by somehow squeezing in a run on Christmas eve and Christmas day if possible.  But I will not be waking up on Christmas eve mustard keen to get out there running in sub-zero temperatures.  I will run because I am desperate for everything  I will feel for the rest of the day.  So, make no mistake, motivating yourself to get outside to run in the winter is very very difficult.  There is no sweetener, and in looking for one you are wasting your time.  There is only you and your inner bitch and the freezing outdoors.  Don’t EVER expect to feel like doing it, don’t EVER expect to WANT to go.  Just do it because you know you will feel AMAZING afterwards, and you will tuck into all the delicious Christmas food safe in the knowledge that come New Years Eve you will still squeeze into your lbd….


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