5 Jan

I love the radio. I listen to Radio 4 all day when I’m home – well, its on in the background and I tune in to what’s being said whenever I can. I never dreamed I would actually be on the radio having a chat with Ray D’Arcy! What a brilliant start to the day…arriving at BBC Western house (admittedly having been waiting in BBC Broadcasting house by mistake – thank God for Hannah H), sitting in the waiting area with the lovely Claudia Winkleman (I think that’s her name/not sure of the spelling) and brushing past Richard Madeley (who I was dying to speak to as Judy had mentioned RFBR recently in the Express and I was going to ask him to be on their show). Sadly, he was already on air by the time we’d finished and had the opportunity to heckle him.

So, turns out Ray is nothing short of a running nut and said the book says everything he has ever thought about running and recommends it to anyone who is thinking of starting out! So, a huge thumbs up for Run Fat Bitch Run and for Ray – for whom it must be said the GD has developed something of a crush – if it is indeed possible to develop a voice-crush?

After 4 hours sleep last night, I’m glad it was radio (and perhaps a blessing in disguise that Mr Madeley didn’t see me in my trackie bums sans slap). Tonight, we party, but first a 5K run with team RFBR at Little, Brown over lunch. BRING IT ON..


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