Guest Post from Hannah Hargrave, Publicity Manager for Sphere

6 Jan

Yesterday, the publication day for Run Fat Bitch Run, was a day of giddy excitement for me. I first read the book last Spring, and I had worked closely with the Grit Doctor on putting together a publicity plan and brainstorming ideas, so it felt great knowing that the books were now in the shops for people to buy. The Times extracts and interview had looked amazing, and there was already a buzz gathering on Twitter and Facebook.

I started the day at BBC Western House, where I met Ruth for her interview on the Ray D’Arcy Show in Ireland. Ruth was brilliant, and the interview went really well – people were even texting in with questions for the Grit Doctor!

Later on Ruth came in to visit all the Run Fat Bitch Runners for our first run of 2012. I’d suggested to everyone that as it was our first attempt since the binge-fest that is Christmas we’d take it nice and slow. Ruth, however, had other ideas. Before we knew it we were outside, on a freezing January day, running a full 5K.

When we left the office, the weather pretty much looked like this:



Sunny skies. Nice and calm. Beautiful.

However, by the time we got to the Millennium Bridge, a storm had descended, very much like this:



Think Armageddon. What felt like 100mph winds, heavy rain, and even hail hit us. None of us thought we would make it over that bridge. But somehow, all of us found our inner grit. The situation was so ridiculous I actually laughed out loud – people must have thought I was mad (especially as I was out in just a t-shirt and leggings on the 5th January!).

Having faced what we thought was certain death, we were all so thrilled to have run 5k and made it back to the office. I could tell that the Grit Doctor was very proud of us all too.

Later on we got to celebrate in a more traditional way with a glass of champagne at the book launch where copies flew off the shelves:


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