Running Down Under

7 Jan

One of my all time favourite runs was in Australia at the end of 2009 – I didn’t know it at the time but it was to be my penultimate run before getting pregnant with the twins. We flew into Brisbane and headed straight for Noosa and ended up staying in a wonderful apartment, just a stones throw away from Marcus Beach. I set my alarm for 5.30am, tiptoed around O, pulled on my runners, downed a glass of water and headed for the beach. I had never been on such a magnificent wild enormous empty beach before, let alone run on one. I was a little bit afraid to be honest – miles and miles of seemingly endless coastline and a ripping surf. I ran and ran in the dark until the break of dawn, which was breathtaking. It was one of those very solitary runs, where I felt almost too close to nature and I did a lot of thinking and praying during it. I was way too scared to dive into the sea to cool off – it is not from memory a swimming beach – so I opted for the pool instead, basking in a post-run endorphin haze.

I love Australia, the people, the climate, the food and the attitude and I was chuffed to bits when I heard that they were publishing Run Fat Bitch Run Down Under. We had gone to Australia for our honeymoon because O is half Australian, his mother is from Perth and his grandmother still lived there. We had organised our honeymoon around getting to Perth for Christmas for me to meet her. I am so glad we did, because not only was she a very lovely and amusing lady with a real twinkle in her eye, but she sadly died just after the twins were born. She would have been so proud of the book being published – having been right there at the start of it all encouraging us to follow our dreams..


5 Responses to “Running Down Under”

  1. Melissa Phillips January 8, 2012 at 7:29 am #

    Hi Just been for an 8 mile run along Mombasa beach. Saw you ran whilst you were here too. Where did you stay? I have been here for 12 years, running for 6 of them. My greatest struggle is getting out of bed to run in 35 degree heat not running in cold British rain! I have finished your book (thanks for having it available for download), and am now waiting for delivery of 2 hard copies for friends. I will get them to share them around with the other non runners in Mombasa. In training for London marathon this year so afraid I’m one of the runners using camelpaks, gels and a fancy watch during my training runs!!
    Good luck to all those new runners, you WILL learn to love running but even when you love running it is still sometimes hard to drag yourself out of bed. The feeling once you have finished your run though is so worth the effort, so jump out of bed and get running.

    • gritdoctor January 8, 2012 at 9:15 am #

      Dear Melissa,

      Amazing – of all the messages I’ve received, this one has moved me the most. That a ‘proper’ runner in Kenya has been inspired by the book is hugely humbling, so thank you for your lovely message. Haha, I would expect you pros to have all the kit, I just think its wasted on us beginners/amateurs!

      I can’t remember the name of the resort we stayed in but I will find out from my sister and get back to you, we were there 6 years ago this coming April and LOVED it. I bet training out there is unbelievably gritty. Best of luck with the London Marathon, and keep me posted how you get on, I will look out for you…


      • Melissa Phillips January 9, 2012 at 6:46 am #

        HeHe!! I’m not a pro at all, I’m just an expat from London who started running to lose the baby weight after 2 children. I have a few marathons, half marathons and even an ultra under my belt though. I am running for Save the Rhino at London this year but am not brave enough to wear one of the famous rhino suits! I am the pilates instructor who tweeted you who wants to get her friends in Mombasa running too.

        Glad the launch party was such a success, hope you are well on your way to selling a million!
        Melissa x

  2. Fiona Reed January 10, 2012 at 1:08 pm #

    Hey Ruth…Ol’s cousin Fee here. Just got a copy of your diary re your Aussie run and comments re Noanie – wonderful stuff. Congratulations on the book – can’t wait to read it…off to Bali on Friday for some R & R and have downloaded your book to my Kindle. Have had about 2 years of running reasonably regularly only to have stopped for last 6 weeks for no real reason apart from apalling time management….so hoping you will be my inspiration to resume, have already set my alarm for 6am to do a Perth river run tomorrow. Hope the little ones are feeling better, love to you all xx

    • gritdoctor January 10, 2012 at 2:13 pm #

      Hi Fee, Happy New Year. So lovely to hear from you and glad you picked up the article and downloaded the book. I do hope it motivates you out of your running funk. It will definitely make you laugh if nothing else! The twins are much better thanks (and still always wearing their bonds vests)! So is Olly. Lots of love from us all xxxx

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