New Year’s Resolutions

9 Jan

So it would appear that today – the 9th January – is the day that everyone gives up their New Year’s Resolutions (see here).

It may not surprise you to hear that the Grit Doctor is not a fan of New Year’s Resolutions. For starters, they invariably involve making some sort of list which is one of the Grit Doctor’s pet hates. But more importantly, they encourage a way of thinking which is incredibly self-defeating. By that I mean they foster the sort of deranged binge eating/drinking/sofa-surfing during the build-up to the new year that is frankly, out of control and make almost impossible to keep the sacrifices pledged thereafter:- ‘I may as well smoke myself stupid, drink myself silly, shag myself senseless (not sure how that one works actually), and eat whatever I want to because come the 1ST JANUARY IT IS ALL GOING TO STOP AND I AM GOING TO CHANGE.’

Sadly, it would appear that the human condition is such that it cracks on day 9. Of course it does. We are setting ourselves up to fail through behaving during the build-up to the new year in such a way that makes it almost impossible for the body and mind to tolerate the polar opposite behaviours come the 1st Jan. Look at it another way – does anyone get to the end of the year and think, ‘Wow, I’m so chuffed with myself because I have fulfilled all of my resolutions from last year?’ No, they don’t, because if this were the case, there would be no place for New Year’s Resolutions at all. Much more likely is that we make a list almost identical to the previous year’s list – year after year – without questioning the fact that IT CLEARLY ISN’T WORKING FOR US.

Those of you who have taken the brave step of buying, reading and getting involved in ‘Run Fat Bitch Run’ will understand what I mean. Grand statements of what you intend to do/become/give up made on January 1st are a waste of your time. The way to achieve your goals in the areas of food, fitness and exercise is just to start today the right way EVERY DAY until you are there. Shut up about it and JUST GET ON WITH IT. Instead of pledging to give up stuff, try this: Imagine all of the things you will get out of becoming fit – visualise them and the sort of person you will be and what your life will look like. Then, (if you haven’t already bought ‘Run Fat Bitch Run’ – do so immediately) go for a run and meditate on it, day in day out, week after week, month after month until they come to pass. And they will.

The Grit Doctor says:

Give up making resolutions. Take up being in charge of your life choices. Don’t talk about it, or worse still, write it down. LIVE IT. BREATHE IT. BE IT.


6 Responses to “New Year’s Resolutions”

  1. Sarah Pearson January 9, 2012 at 6:55 pm #

    Well after reading your book last Thursday… and spreading the around the office today how great it is….. the 9th January was the day we created the run fat bitch run revolution running club ! First run this Wednesday evening – so this article does not apply to us !!!!

    • gritdoctor January 9, 2012 at 7:49 pm #

      That is AWESOME. So chuffed to hear it. Please do keep me posted on your progress..

  2. virginia mccallum January 9, 2012 at 8:23 pm #

    Thanks for the motivatial start to re-engaging with something i’ve loved before but as yet not harnesed to its full potential…….fingers crossed with the right strategys in place i will win this one

    • gritdoctor January 10, 2012 at 12:57 pm #

      fantastic – good luck and keep me posted..

  3. Rachel Lucas January 10, 2012 at 2:33 pm #

    Hi Ruth…I absolutely loved the book – devoured it in one evening & was laughing out loud at the ‘Fat Bitch Mantra’ (I already do this to keep myself from eating sugary stuff!) so I knew it would be for me. Anyway, following your advice, you are the only person I’ve told so far….but today, I ran almost 3 miles. Walked half a mile to start with to warm up first. I’m about 7lbs overweight, 45 and determined (in true Grit Doctor style, I suspect) never to have the words ‘middle aged spread’ (which I don’t believe in anyway) uttered about me! I’ve always walked a lot (we have a little dog, who ran with me!) and am fairly fit, but have never actually done any real running – I did have a heart attack 5 years ago (inherited heart disease) so the more cardio exercise I do the better. I just wanted to thank you for writing such an honest & down to earth…and peculiarly BRITISH book! Fantastic. Rachel x ps My sister (who shares the humour) lives in Mooloolaba on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, and after reading your Down Under post I’m looking forward to running along the beautiful beach there when I visit in February!

    • gritdoctor January 10, 2012 at 2:50 pm #

      What an inspiring message – thank you. Please keep me posted on your progress and huge congratulations on getting started. I want to hear about that run with your sister in minute detail….I’m very jealous! x

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