New Zealand

10 Jan

I am very excited about my interview with the New Zealand Herald tomorrow morning. On our way to Australia to meet O’s grandmother, we spent two glorious weeks in New Zealand – one on the North Island and one on the South. We loved it there so much that we very nearly went to live there. Everyone who visits New Zealand bangs on about the beauty of the land and sea-scapes, the mountains, the lushness, the wildlife, the sheer vastness of it all and this had been said to me so many times by various friends who had visited the country that I honestly thought it was bound to be an anticlimax. I could not have been more wrong. In our camper van (which we loved to death) as we travelled further and further south, the landscape became more and more dramatic (as did the state of the roads), and the weather more menacing, until we came upon Milford Sound – a place of such outstanding fierce beauty that no amount of build-up can prepare you for it. You can almost see the dinosaurs as they must have been millions of years ago totally at home there.

And the people are just awesome….and so is the food. I must confess that I didn’t go running during that fortnight but we went on some incredible walks together and it was such an adventure – we felt like intrepid explorers ‘wowing’ and ‘oh-my-godding’ at every turn. An amazing country where I spent two of the happiest weeks of my life and I am chuffed to bits that Run Fat Bitch Run is going down well there…


One Response to “New Zealand”

  1. mrscow March 24, 2012 at 6:39 am #

    Glad you enjoyed it Ruth, it´s a place I´m proud to call home. Embarrassed to say you have seen more of it than me, but if you are ever coming back and you love exploring the outdoors, the Dept of Conservation website has some good information 🙂

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