Tag-team running

16 Jan

I so enjoyed my radio interview with Tom Dunne of Newstalk Radio station in Ireland last week.  Tom has young children too and he was saying how difficult it is to negotiate any time away from them over the weekend.  And its so true isn’t it? I’m sure anyone reading this with a young family will know what I am talking about.  You feel as though you and your partner should both be in it together, gritting it out all weekend  with the kids! 

But what if you are not asking for time to go to the pub or to shop or to watch the football?  No-one is going to refuse you an hour to run are they?  And if you are in it together (you run first, then your partner runs immediately afterwards for example), you will be amazed at how much better your weekend starts to look once you have both finished your run.  By that I mean how much easier it feels looking after each other and the children, how much more you enjoy that roast dinner, how well you sleep, how bloody chuffed you are with yourselves and impressed you are with each other.  Anyway, its supposed to be the worst day of the year today which got me thinking that so far for me, January has been a real pleasure and running in a tag-team system with O over this weekend and last is one of the main reasons why.


One Response to “Tag-team running”

  1. diaryofadashinista January 17, 2012 at 8:01 am #

    Great post, it’s all about teamwork. Even better when the kids are a bit older and can come out with you! 🙂

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