17 Jan

I am so very excited about appearing via satellite on the Today Show talking with Frank Canu in Sydney on Wednesday morning.  I feel incredibly flattered to be invited and will obviously have to go for a run at some stage beforehand to calm down! 

Two of my favourite cousins live in Sydney and O and I spent one mad week there when we were on honeymoon.  We stayed in Paddington (put up by a lovely friend of O’s mum) which we thought was super-cool.  We spent lazy days drinking superior coffee and people watching.  Two of our all-time favourite meals were eaten in Sydney – lunch at the infamous Catalinas (we sat outside and the setting was every bit as spectacular as the food) and another exquisite lunch at Sopra in Kings Cross.  I can still see us there now ‘mmming’ and ‘oohing’ over each perfect mouthful of food and getting slowly sloshed over the course of the afternoon.  How I long for those lazy lunches!  Oh well, there is always retirement to look forward to.  Very excited and very chuffed to be back, in satellite-spirit if not in person…


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