Team Run Fat Bitch Run – RACE READY

19 Jan

As I said in my last blog, January has been a real joy for me so far and the reason why is: RUNNING.  I must confess that in previous years during January, I have been much less keen to brave the outdoors and have often not run at all during the winter months or certainly not as regularly as I have done this winter.  And its all thanks to the brilliant Hannah Hargrave at Little, Brown, who had the brainwave of getting us all to enter a race.  (I am trying to raise some money for ‘Only Connect’, an amazing charity that is involved in the rehabilitation and resettlement of ex-offenders through their participation in the dramatic arts. – if you feel in philanthropic mood, please do visit this page).  And so, here we are, team RFBR primed to race 5kms on Sunday in the Maxifuel 5km Fun Run at the Dorney Rowing Lake in Windsor. 

The Grit Doctor says:

I object to the term FUN RUN.  We all know that the only fun thing about the run is going to be the pub meal and drinks afterwards (and possibly beating O).   

 I have joined the bitches from L,B on a few of their training runs by the Thames near their offices  – which have been an absolute joy, and I have also joined team LAW on one of their lunchtime training runs.  This is the literary agency where my agent, Alice Saunders heralds from (it is going to a tough run/off between team LAW and team L,B let me tell you).  I don’t know why I feel the need to turn it into a competition really – given that we are all team RFBR – but I would be lying if I didn’t own up to being motivated by the thought of beating, no thrashing O.  He will, of course, be setting out with the same goal and can be even more competitive than me, so I am more than a little nervous.  But all joking (ish) aside, what has been so great about all this healthy competition is that it has given us all something to focus on through this famously bleak month, something positive, and to have achieved such a measurable, tangible goal before January is even out is a great way to set us up for the year ahead.  Who knows what we will grit-doctor our way into next…


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