5k – Guest Post from O

26 Jan

Anyone who tells you that time and place are important in a race, anyone, for example, who starts telling you that they did it in twenty-six minutes and came second in the female category overall (and provides photographic proof), is completely missing the point. Beating my wife, or The Grit Doctor, as I worryingly refer to her now, was never the point. It would have been cruel and unnecessary. Far better to allow her to bask in her moment of glory, and instead to stay behind the scenes, in the shadows, subtly galvanising those around you who have decided to enjoy the views of the rowing lake and surrounding countryside. All that matters, now I come to think of it, is that I ran for longer than Ruth, therefore expending more energy, and ensuring there was little if any downtime between the race ending and everyone finally being allowed to go to the pub.

Seriously, though, the race was actually great fun (not the running bit obviously – that was mainly agony, although surprisingly I actually enjoyed the last two kilometres into a gale-force headwind more than the first three). This was mainly because wherever you looked there were people with ‘Run Fat Bitch Run’ emblazoned on their fronts and backs. At the end of the race I was approached by two middle-aged men asking me where they could buy one of the T-shirts, and neither of them even so much as hinted it was for anyone other than them. Ruth, sorry, The Grit Doctor, is now determined we should up the ante and do a 10k run in the next few months. A good plan, I reckon, but I’m only doing it so long as I’m surrounded by Team RFBR.


One Response to “5k – Guest Post from O”

  1. Laura MacGill January 26, 2012 at 2:33 pm #

    Not wanting to come between a married couple or anything… gulp…. But I love yours AND the Grit Doctor’s attitudes. Run fast, fun faster and win, just run and win.

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