30 Jan

And the correct answer was:

*drum roll*

It was c) Eat Less Crap. Drink More Water. RUN.

Thank you all so much for entering – so many correct answers! We’re thrilled to see the Grit Doctor revolution has taken hold!

The winners of a delightful RFBR t-shirt each are, in no particular order:

Sally Topley

Kimberley Gee

Sophie Buckman


Congratulations ladies! Please email your postal details and we’ll get the t-shirts winging their way to you.

Well done to everyone else who entered and got the answer correct, keep at it Team RFBR!



  1. Caroline Lynch February 15, 2012 at 6:05 pm #

    Hi Ruth, you left a message on facebook re being able to buy tshirts on your blog. I couldn’t find it… Can you direct me to where it is? Thanks a million!
    I loved your book & have told loads of friends & family about it! So much so I’m now referred to as the “Running Bitch!!!”. A few friends who have never ever run have started…which is fantastic!
    More importantly I’m trying to get my husband to read your book in a big hope that he might take up running.. He’s about 2 stone overweight & not too fond of exercise. I’m praying he takes the hint from your book.. I lost 3 stone two years ago through running & healthy eating…so he knows how to do it!
    Fingers crossed for him!!!
    Caroline Lynch
    Kerry Ireland

    • gritdoctor February 17, 2012 at 12:03 pm #

      not long now, the t-shirts will be on sale on the blog in a few days time i promise! will keep you posted. plus, the book works just as well on the fellas (it was based on my husband after all)! if your hubby has a good sense of humour and wants to do something about his weight and fitness, he needs to RFBR!!

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