Radio Oz

19 Feb

I had a radio interview the other day in Melbourne at 10.30pm, which I think is being aired on Monday.  I have no idea how it went because I was completely brain dead and nodding off to sleep by the time I got the call (although it was at a marginally more sociable hour than a week or so ago when I was interviewed by a Perth radio station at 6.30am)!  However, such is my love of Australia, and so thrilled was I to be asked at all, that I would have agreed to any time of day or night. I have such wonderful memories of Australia, particularly of Perth and Melbourne.  Perth is where O’s family herald from so it has a very special place in my heart.   We spent hours on Cottesloe beach throwing one of those balls that bounces off the surface of the water at each other.  I was extremely touched to hear from a lady recently who had read my book and whose circuit was basically Cottesloe beach.  How I envy her!

O and I spent a magical fortnight in Melbourne on our way to Perth.  One of O’s best friends had given us a week in their family beach house in Lorne as a wedding present and we literally thought we had died and gone to heaven when we pitched up in the dead of night there.  Everything about it was just stunning.  My run along the beach there in the rain was one of the most awesome I can remember – foggy, moody, and with an uneasy sense that I was in peril – that just spurred me on to go faster.  My sister’s boyfriend is from Melbourne and we finally got to meet him when he came to London this Christmas.  He is such a great guy.   O said, and I quote, ‘best bloke I’ve met in years.’  I couldn’t have put it better myself, his easy charm meant he was fantastic company and we all adore him.  The best bit for the GD is that apparently he can play tennis so we finally have a family four!  This could be the beginning of a very exciting new rivalry (or the death of all our relationships such are the absurdly competitive streaks of both O and myself and, dare I say it, my little sis).  I am not too worried though, as my sister has told me they have already played in Melbourne so he knows what she is like!  O is pretty good, (I fell in love with him after watching his backhand repeatedly pass me at the net).  Seriously, our first date was a tennis match and he thrashed me and that was it.  I was in love.  Anyway, I can’t wait for us all to play together, ideally in Melbourne.  The twins can be ball boys..


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