Gritty Tees and the WEXFORD 10K

22 Feb

For those of you who have expressed an interest and were disappointed not to have won one in our earlier competition, finally you can buy a Run Fat Bitch Run teeshirt, at (and yes, that includes you Antipodeans – just click on the US icon).  I will most certainly be investing in a hoodie and wearing it on all my runs! 

After another really inspiring chat on Dublin Radio this morning, and having been looking for an excuse to get back to Ireland after far too many years away, I’ve taken the plunge and am joining friends of mine, Pierce and Marilee Maher, who have both recently taken up running, in the Wexford 10km on 22nd April!  I just signed up for it this morning and it instantly gave me a much needed injection of motivation, having slacked off a bit since our team RFBR 5k race at the end of January.  I immediately went on a gentle 7k run in the woods and was thinking about Ireland all the way round.  I am so excited!  I am going to try and persuade O to join me, but I fear he may be required to look after the twins.  Surely the grandparents can help?!  Well, the thing is, we are off for a twin-free weekend on Friday and I’m pretty sure it will take my mum and dad at least 6 months to recover…

Anyway, I WANT TO INVITE ALL YOU IRISH BITCHES TO JOIN US IN THE WEXFORD 10k!  I will be sporting my RFBR tee (so will you Pierce and Marilee, you know you want to), so you can hunt me down on race day.  I am planning to fly into Dublin (not sporting any RFBR attire) – I can’t believe I have never been to Dublin, or Wexford for that matter.  The best bit is going to be the food – Pierce will be cooking for me in Wexford, and he is a Masterchef extraordinaire – seriously, he was one of the finalists.  So, follow my 10k training plan in Run Fat Bitch Run and join us on 22nd April in Wexford.  Looking forward to seeing you there…

The Grit Doctor says:

IRELAND, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!! 


2 Responses to “Gritty Tees and the WEXFORD 10K”

  1. Erin February 24, 2012 at 11:53 pm #

    I have never run, EVER, my fitness level is zero and I’m 2 stone over weight. I have just signed up to the Wexford 10k!!!! Is it possible? Is there enough time? Oh dear GOD, what have I done????

    • gritdoctor February 25, 2012 at 3:55 pm #

      WELL DONE! yes its totally possilbe, even if you walk some of it. You need to sart walking as it sets out in the book NOW, and build up your fitness gradually that way. Do not try and run until you are able to walk your circuit comfortably and then start the programme, depending on how far you get through it you will definitely be able to participate in the race and you will get so much out of it! i look forward to seeing you there! x

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