Back in the Zone

15 May

I do feel well and truly back in the zone now after venturing out for the first time last week since the Wexford 10k.  I still have the tail end of this bloody cold/cough but the running is definitely helping shift it, or so it seems to me anyway.  More importantly, it is definitely improving my mood and general ‘niceness’ which abandoned me completely during my no-running period.

I’ve had quite a few messages recently from #rfbr women who have happily told me that their husband/boyfriend has also taken up the mantle and that it has changed both their lives, and so much for the better.  Nothing pleases me more than hearing about someone inspiring their other half in this way.  Because your other half really knows you, all your faults and foibles, and sees past all your bullshit.  So to inspire them is all the more of a challenge.  Plus, the book is all well and good, but it must be something in the way these women are being about running or the book that is getting their other halves up off the sofa and outside in their trainers.  I seriously need to take a leaf out of their books. 

And take a leaf I did.  On my first run last week, I managed to rope in my husband!  This was an act of love on my part, because, feeling rubbish and full of cough/cold and fearful for my gammy toe, I just wanted to run alone and not be responsible for anyone else.  However, it is very rare that O has a random day off work AND the twins were at the childminder’s, and bearing in mind the above I thought, c’mon Ruth inspire your man!  He was in a good enough mood and it was easier than I had anticipated actually, I made it sound fun and that he would be doing me a favour (when I was frankly dreading the whole thing and we all know running being fun is a BIG lie), but it worked.  And so, the man who has not set foot in a trainer since his sterling effort around Dorney Lake with team RFBR in January was by my side for 2 laps of Highgate wood (which is 4.4ks according to O). I stayed on to do another few laps whilst the going was good and returned home invigorated and with my gammy toe intact and free from any pain….RESULT.  I’ve not persuaded him to go again since though – actually I’ve not asked – but how do I get him back to a place where he wants to go on his own and has sufficient motivation to get up and run?  Maybe I should just give up and let him be.  He does HATE it after all and I suppose its not for everyone, or is it?

The Grit Doctor says:

It must be an effing nightmare being married to the Grit Doctor.


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