Jogging makes you live longer

16 May

This may not in fact be an appealing prospect for everyone!  Depending on my mood and how the twins are being, sometimes I’m not entirely sure I want to extend my life to the end of the day, let alone for an extra 5+ years. 

However, on a good day – today! one can’t help but feel incredibly motivated by an article which declares that IT IS OFFICIAL – RUNNING IS GOOD FOR YOU.  O helpfully ripped out a short piece from the Metro on the 4th May by Hayden Smith which is reiterated in an article tweeted to me today by The Health Diaries (@healthy_healthy)  The gist of both articles is that research presented by the Copenhagen City Heart study reveals that even jogging just once a week at a slow or average pace for an hour is enough to add 6.2 years to your life if you are a man and 5.6 years if you are a woman (how it is that women get shafted even here is quite beyond me, discrimination will follow us to the effing grave). 

Plus, and this is the best bit, the benefits are higher if you undertake moderate jogging rather than extreme levels of exercise or none at all.  Hoo-bloody-ray!  I shall be sticking to my thrice weekly snail’s pace trot then with an even bigger smile on my face.  A little reminder of the benefits of jogging to make us all feel even better about what we are doing.  Running:-

i) improves oxygen uptake;

ii) improves insulin sensitivity and ‘good’ HDL cholestrol levels (no idea what this means, but it sounds incredible); 

iii) brings down blood pressure;

iv) improves cardiac function and immune function (I knew my ‘no-colds-when-running-regularly’ theory had legs);

v) reduces inflammation (of what exactly I know not);

vi) prevents obesity;

vii) boosts psychological well being;

vii) helps build bone density; 


So, if you want an extra 5+ years (for the fellas, 6+) of retirement, keep up the jogging.  We won’t depress ourselves by dwelling on the economic implications thereof.  Surely the recession can’t last that long?

The Grit Doctor says:

Amen to that.


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