Jeans for Genes – Genetic Disorders UK

6 Jun

First up, I’m so excited to be running alongside Donna Ida this Saturday in Richmond Park and for such a great cause too – Genetic Disorders UK (Jeans for Genes whose aim is helping transform the lives of children and families affected by genetic disorders.  It is a cause that has very recently become very close to my heart.  Please give what you can.

Plus, I get to escape twin duty for the morning which seems incredibly appealing after a four day marathon (in every sense but the running one) up in Northumberland with my dear friend Alice and her two kids.  Short on sleep, long on feasting plus I did no exercise whatsoever, so was mustard keen to get into my trainers as soon as we got home, not least of all because I need to be race ready for Donna and the girls come Saturday morning.  I finally managed to escape during the twins nap at lunchtime yesterday and it felt heavenly to be by myself again for an hour.  Plus it was much less hot than my last run and so seemed easier.  I planned to take the whole run very slowly and I did.  However, towards the final few ks I could hear someone, I guessed a woman, behind me panting heavily and I sensed she was trying to overtake me.  Without giving it a second thought, I upped my pace, suddenly fuelled by a determination not to be overtaken.  I didn’t look back once,  just pushed myself on faster, feeling confident listening to my very measured breathing that I could beat her.  I realised that I had more left in the tank than I’d imagined, and so when I could hear her closing in on me again, I just upped it a nudge and then another nudge until the final 100 metres or so  – which I sprinted!  As I was running I was thinking to myself what can I call this brilliantly motivating thing?  Is it an undertake? Er, no not really.  It felt amazing though, and gave me such a boost.  It really should have a name.

The Grit Doctor says:

Next time you hear someone approaching you from behind and breathing heavily, imagine that it is an axe-wielding murderer and run like the wind.


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