Grit-free 5k

12 Jun

Spent Saturday morning in Richmond Park with @Donnaida and the girls to run 5k in support of Jeans For Genes (Genetic Disorders UK).  Mission: to get Donna through the 5k race without stopping.  Donna had told me at the start that she likes to stop every now and again.  Imagine my distress at the thought!   I told her as gently as I could but in grit-doctorly fashion, that this was simply unnacceptable.  There would be no stopping today, not in this race.  Not on my watch.  Donna is very fit, and works out regularly so I knew she was more than capable of doing this.   I ordered her to hand over her phone and other paraphenalia she seemed to still have at the starting line to her husband, and without further ado, we were off, not, it has to be said leaving a trail of dust in our wake….

I told her to set the pace, which was very gentle (huge relief for me as I was labouring under a bad cold and was in no fit state to be trying to smash my pb).  My plan was to talk to her for the duration, and tell her various gritty tales to distract her from any aches and pains or any urges to stop.  It was the quickest 5k of my life because we ended up having such a good natter –  it just flew past completely effortlessly.  I asked Donna at 4k whether she fancied upping it a nudge for the final k.  She had more than enough left in the tank, so we upped it a nudge and then another nudge for the final couple of hundred metres.  It felt great crossing the finishing line together almost sprinting!  The first thing Donna said to me was, “that was so easy”!  All the girls and fellas did brilliantly, helped along by our brilliant tees (courtesy of Sweaty Betty and Simeon Farrar) emblazoned on the back with the words: ‘OMFG I’m so ahead of you.’  I am so wearing mine again.  And again.  Love it.  For those of you that asked, I believe there are some going spare that Donna is selling on her website 

When I left I thought how every run is so different, but that run was as much a win for me as any other.  As a group, we had achieved what we all set out to do, everyone won and had a great laugh (and a lovely picnic) along the way.  AND of course raised money for a very worthy cause.  On the subject of genes, I must confess to feeling slightly short-changed in the company of  Donna and her lady friends, who all looked amazing: the legs, the toned arms the smooth complexions!  I looked like a scarecrow by camparison which I’m not entirely sure is a necessary look for a Doctor of Grit.  Or maybe it is..


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