26 Jun

Grit fiends need look no further . . .

It’s 26 June and my new book, THE RUN FAT BITCH RUN MARATHON PLAN, is born! It’s available NOW to pre-order from Amazon  or from iTunes as an ebook exclusive – it’s the bargain price of 99p for a limited time only! 

For those of us who have recently completed 10k races and are keen for another challenge, this seems like the natural next step. Let’s up it a nudge and go the full distance. And yes, by that I mean the marathon. Or, in my case, the Bristol Half-Marathon. After the Wexford 10k in April, I wanted to step it up a level and will be racing 13 miles on 30 Sept, for my sins: anyone who fancies joining me would be most welcome to the grit-fest. 

I am also sticking around for the Olympics here in London – O got us tickets!!! (To fencing – random?! – and gymnastics, an all-time GD fave.)  I am so excited that my marathon guide will be released on 9 August, in between the men’s and women’s marathon races, but only sorry that Paula won’t have been able to take advantage of the pearls within to assure her GOLD medal. Joking aside, how I wish I was able to run in that marathon, but, alas an elite athlete I will never be . . . 

If you’re not quite ready for the full 26 miles, keep reading for a chance to take part in a RFBR marathon relay and win prizes!

The Grit Doctor says:

The RFBR Marathon Plan – a masterclass in grit. PRE-ORDER IT NOW!



The marathon . . . a word to strike fear into the hearts of all weekend runners; a challenge like no other; a hell of a long way.

And you’ve just signed up. Bugger.

But never fear, you are not alone. The Grit Doctor is back with a vengeance and she’s determined to whip you into shape. With THE RUN FAT B!TCH RUN MARATHON PLAN you’ll . . .

* Find the MOTIVATION to transform yourself from casual jogger to elite (ish) athlete

* Create simple TRAINING plans to help you increase distance, stamina and speed

* Cook fuss-free, tasty food which will provide all the NUTRITION your aching body needs

26 miles? BRING IT ON.

Plus: race-day strategies, useful resources, fundraising tips and plenty of The Grit Doctor’s trademark honesty, humour and tough-love.


To celebrate the launch of The Run Fat Bitch Run Marathon Plan (#rfbr26), we’re going to be holding a marathon relay! If you’d like to take part, email and tell us, in no more than 100 words, how Run Fat Bitch Run has changed your life. The 25 most inspiring entries (judged by The Grit Doctor herself) will all be asked to run one mile in the run-up to the release of RFBR26 on 9 August, winning themselves an exclusive RFBR medal and a copy of the book signed by Ruth in the process. (Photographic proof essential!) The Grit Doctor will run the 26th mile on 9 August. All entries must be received by midnight on 3 July 2012.


3 Responses to “BIG NEWS HOT OFF THE PRESS!!!!”

  1. Alison Sciberras June 26, 2012 at 9:56 pm #

    Hey Ruth – Congrats on the new book – WHEN did you have time to write this one??? I would love to enter your comp for the relay and was wondering as you have such a HUGE following DOWN UNDER in Australia – how about either having a similtaneous relay here or better still stretching the prize to have an Aussie come and join you??? Cheers Alison

  2. Niamh Walsh March 17, 2014 at 11:33 pm #

    Hi Ruth,
    This book no longer seems available on amazon. Where can I get a copy?
    Many Thanks,

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