Another inspiring tale of inner grit

3 Jul
From Hannah Salo…
I just want to say: “All Hail Ruth Field!”
I’ve been pretty much a stagnant cow for the last ten years, and have absolutely hated the idea of jogging. Even as a school kid I loathed longer runs than the 100m sprints I occassionally competed in. Nevereverever. Until I for some reason picked up RFBR. It was like a divine intervention of sorts, like everything just cleared up in front of my eyes and… all sorts of rainbows and unicorns suddenly bounced around me. I went for a first walk. I ran for five minutes. I went for another walk, and ran for about 8. I went for a third and a fourth jog and now do three to five 5-7 minute runs during the whole 7km loop. I’m absolutely amazed, gobsmacked and utterly thrilled. Me, running?! Would not have believed that a week ago. Not in a lifetime. What got to me was that someone finally said up front that it isn’t fun. Lord, how I have listened to other people going on and on about how wonderful it is to jog. Only to try it, get out of breath after 24 seconds and give up. “Fun? This?! I can never do it…” What got to me, was that I can actually jog really, really slowly, and it’s still called jogging.
What got to me, was that I was given a plan, that I wasn’t meant to be able to run for minute after minute the first time. That it’s okay to jog for five minutes and walk for an hour. I needed clear boundaries, clear advice. This many kilometres, this many minutes. And bam! I know how to start. I already feel more at home with my body, after four walks/runs. Like I can suddenly accept the blob that is me, because it is capable of change. I’m doing something with my body, we’re doing something together, and that’s awesome! I don’t even mind the feeling of my ass bouncing up and down when I run, because it means I’m running. How cool is that? Very!
So I went from a stagnant, slightly depressed woman, who was completely un-synched with her body, to this jolly, smiling, freaky thing, who actually feel great about this new project, even if I pretty much hated my run today. Last week I would have hated someone in the same mindset. This week, I have suddenly found salvation. So with this short novel, written in complete disbelief, I thank you, for getting me up from that couch, for enabling me to start the transformation to Bikini Babe of 2013, and well, pretty much for saving me from a very dark place of mind. That’s all.
The Grit Doctor says:
All Hail Hannah Salo!

5 Responses to “Another inspiring tale of inner grit”

  1. Libby Cooper July 3, 2012 at 12:04 pm #

    Hannah is are absolutely right! The bit that spoke most to me was someone saying “Stop expecting this to be fun”. I thought running couldn’t be for me because I hate it (and I suck at it). I needed someone to say that most people hate the first 10 mins of every run, and that sometimes you hate the whole thing. Now I understand that the satisfaction comes AFTER I have done it, not during the run. It’s a bloody revelation! So simple, so true.

  2. Annie July 3, 2012 at 1:41 pm #

    I love these inspirational stories, Hannah hats off to you. They’re what help me get off the couch several times a week too. Libby that’s such a great way to put it its the satisfaction that comes AFTER the run – doh! how did I miss that its genius!. From now on I will stop waiting to ‘enjoy’ some part of the run and just look forward to the inevitable buzz I get once its done! yay

  3. Linda July 3, 2012 at 8:18 pm #

    Good for you Hannah 🙂

  4. Sinead Kearns July 11, 2012 at 7:48 am #

    Well done Hannah! Delighted for you. I too am setting about the task of reducing the size of my ass.. Tummy.. Legs.. (you get my drift)
    Thanks to the no nonsense attitude in the book I’d only read a few chapters and got off the couch! I’ve been walking/running a few weeks now and enjoying the feeling of being in control of myself.

    I’m now registered to do the dublin port tunnel 10k in August. Never would I have said I’d willingly register to do 10k!! Now I can’t wait, I’m training so I finish in a respectable time and hope to find another run to work towards soon.

    Loving it. Xxxx

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