The RFBR Marathon Relay – Mile 7 #rfbr26

23 Jul

Mile 7

The second of today’s miles was run by Denise in Widnes, Cheshire.










I gained weight and lacked motivation since the death of my little boy. The arse shaped dent in my couch was so huge people got lost in it. Aged 40 years, obese and very unfit I bought your book. I started the programme to prove you wrong. Me run 5k? Never!  So I started. Jog one min walk one min. Scared what people would think I didn’t look at anyone. Then I found my own grit doctor. 12 weeks later, 3.6 st lighter and 48 inches smaller I can run 5k with my head held high. Run Fat Bitch Run

The Grit Doctor says:

Denise, I was so very sorry to hear of your loss.  What incredible courage and resilience you have shown and with a cracking sense of humour to boot. You made me cry with sadness joy and laughter all at once.  WELL DONE and thank you.


2 Responses to “The RFBR Marathon Relay – Mile 7 #rfbr26”

  1. Tansy Wilson July 23, 2012 at 4:30 pm #

    What an amazing lady x

  2. Laura July 24, 2012 at 1:46 pm #

    so sad about your little boy denise, you are an amazing inspiration to us all…

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