The RFBR Marathon Relay – Mile 8 #rfbr26

24 Jul

Mile 8

Natalie ran our 8th mile of the relay in Lloyd Park, Croydon – much Gritty love for the personalised t-shirt!











I have read running books in the past, however none of them really struck a cord with me until I read RFBR. Since reading it in April of this year I have overhauled my lifestyle completely. I have lost 15lbs (and counting!) by eating healthier and I am now regularly running between 25 and 30km per week. I have started a running blog which is capturing my running journey and I have also signed up to run the London Marathon in 2013 – a lifelong dream finally becoming a reality. At 31, I feel the fittest and happiest I have been in my entire life. People often ask me what it was about RFBR that struck such a chord with me and I think that it is The Grit Doctor’s honesty about running. Instead of wondering why I wasn’t enjoying the actual experience of running, I now focus on the feeling I get when I have accomplished a good run. Also, I had a tendency to put off my planned run until I have finished my housework, but now I get out there first thing and run and then come back to do the housework. Relaxing after completing both is a great feeling. I have also developed a bit of an acid-tongued Grit Doctor myself! Thanks so much Ruth for inspiring me and a big shout out to all the other women who have been inspired to run after reading the book –  especially those taking part in this marathon. Keep on running!


The Grit Doctor says:

Well done Natalie for turning your life around. A run then housework is most certainly the answer.



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