The RFBR Marathon Relay – Mile 12 #rfbr26

27 Jul

Mile 12

Sadie ran our 12th Mile in Farnham:











I got started with RFBR because I don’t want to be a stiff old lady (in years to come!) and I want to eat nice cake with my afternoon cup of tea without feeling guilty about it.  I picked up the approach from an article in The Times in January, got the book, and got stuck in.  Having been put off exercise for 40 years by school PE lessons, I quickly began to see the mental and physical benefits, and to feel a bit rubbish if I didn’t get out there at 7am several times a week.  Also it’s good to wear those jeans I was going to give away because I thought I’d never fit into them again.

But it has not been plain sailing.  As soon as I first tried to run I strained the tendons in my shins so that even walking was painful and I had to go up and down stairs like a toddler!  After a few weeks’ break I was back to my walking circuits and over the next few months I learned a lot about biomechanics and got new prescription orthotics and in early July a beautiful pair of running shoes.  When the chance came to be in the RFBR relay I succumbed to the new runner’s syndrome of ‘too far’, ‘too soon’ and ‘too often’, so that the knees and shins gave way again.

From today I am re-starting the walked circuit, paying much more attention to strengthening and stretching my leg muscles, and resolved to build the running up really slowly this time.  I see absolutely no point in giving up, and every reason to keep going!

The Grit Doctor says:

Sadie what a journey it has been! I know you will be nailing that circuit before long. And I want to be the first to hear about it when you do. *victory dance*


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