The RFBR Marathon Relay – Mile 13 #rfbr26

27 Jul

Mile 13

Julie ran the 13th (lucky for some!) mile in the Fingal 10K – what an achievement!


At 48 yrs old – I found myself at 18 stone 8 lbs. And was not happy. Then Christmas 2010 came the final straw for me when I wouldn’t go out to my husbands Christmas party because I had nothing to wear that fitted me and refused to buy anything. I was so miserable and went to bed that night in tears whilst he had no choice – as the Principle of his school to go without me. I vowed that night – that I would shift the excess weight. It was shortly after this that I read Run Fat Bitch Run – and it has changed by life around completely. After avoiding sport just about all my life – I became focussed and became a woman on a mission. From being a couch potato – I walked a set route at first – and then gradually – found myself over the weeks being able to run longer and longer distances. It was incredible and felt amazing. Now 5 1/2 stone lighter i am now training to compete in The Dublin Marathon in October of this year. Mentally, Physically and emotionally running has given me a complete new lease of life and not only for me but for my husband and 3 children too – who are just loving the happy and confident new me. For those who say – I can’t run!! Read Run Fat Bitch Run – and then realise that – oh yes you can.

The Grit Doctor says:

What an amazing story Julie From the couch to the Dublin Marathon all within the same year is a phenomenal achievement, AND 5 and a half stones lighter. WOW.  *bows in acknowledgement and awe*


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