The RFBR Marathon Relay – Mile 17 #rfbr26

1 Aug

Mile 17

 Laura ran our 17th mile in Kerry, Ireland:











I just read your book two weeks ago and could not put it down. It was the motivation I have needed for years and felt too guilty to pick it up without having done a jog. I am jogging 4 times a week and get up at 6am some mornings to jog the 3k route to work incase I can’t fit it in during the day. My first 6am jog was on a beautiful bright morning and i SMILED the whole way around on my way to work!  I’m 33yrs old and all my adult life I wished I could be one of those people who jogged at dawn before work. After having my second son a few years ago I was 10kilos overweight and feeling really frumpy but nearly convincing myself I wasn’t too bad. That’s not good enough, I want to be fit and healthy aswell as trimming up. So I just want to say it is important to have time to yourself, something for just you like the book says. I work full time and have two boys and never have much time without them, but now it’s out the door as soon as hubby is there. We were individuals before we were a wife and mother!

The Grit Doctor says:

Laura, I so relate to everything you have said. And I admire your #grit in fitting in your runs around looking after your boys because I know how hard that is. But hard is the new black, right?! LOVE IT


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