The RFBR Marathon Relay – Mile 19 #rfbr26

6 Aug

Mile 19

Eimear Kelleher ran our 19th mile in Lucan, Co Dublin

Run Fat Bitch Run has changed my life because it has taught me to really love running. Before the book, I ran once or twice every few weeks for about an hour and it was pure torture. I hated every second of the run and would do anything to avoid it. One excuse after the other…

Since reading it, I have turned into a fully-fledged, running machine. I have created my own training plan with 5 runs per week and they are all different – from fartlek runs to hill repeats.
My longest run to date has been 20k and I loved every minute of it. I said goodbye to the excuses and hello to my inner bitch.
Thanks for everything Ruth Field/Grit Doctor, I owe you big time.
The Grit Doctor says:
Well done Eimear on changing your attitude to running – 20k is a massive achievement! *wild applause* Incredible results are possible when we lace up and ditch the excuses. 

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