The RFBR Marathon Relay – Mile 23 #rfbr26

8 Aug

Mile 23

We’re heading for a sprint finish today, starting off with Eimear who ran her mile in Corlagan, Ireland:

Since buying Run Fat Bitch Run last February I have fallen off the wagon many times. I’m one of these people who start a diet on Monday only to have quit by Monday evening. Whilst reading Run Fat Bitch Run it related to me on so many levels. At one point I read a testimony in the book and it was like I wrote it myself. So to get me off my arse and out the door walking/jogging 3-5 times a week was a miracle in itself! The Facebook page was also great to browse through and to see that other people were struggling too but were also so motivated thanks to the book and Ruth’s encouragement.

A couple of months ago I got sick with a bad chest infection and was off the jogging radar for almost a month. This really put a spanner in the works of all my good work and good intentions. I lost all motivation. With the help of a local weekly jogging group however I am getting back on the road and really making a go of it. I jogged my first 5k last week and I can’t describe the buzz I got from it and the sense of achievement that I felt. For so long I was stuck under the 3k mark and felt so disheartened and frustrated that I couldn’t seem to do any better than that. To jog that 5k gave me just the boost I needed and it let me know that I can do it! Although I am not as far on with the running as many of the people who have got in touch with the Grit Doctor are or as much as I would like to be, I was still so delighted to be picked for the RFBR relay. I never would have started jogging at all had it not been for Ruth and her amazing book and I just know that my small breakthrough last week is the start of a fitter, healthier me … fingers crossed! Thank You Ruth & the Grit Doctor! x

The Grit Doctor says:

Eimear, I bet you feel incredible having nailed 5k. Once you can jog 5k you realise you can do pretty much anything. I will look forward to hearing what’s next up for you. *smiles broadly*


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