The RFBR Marathon Relay – Mile 24 #rfbr26

8 Aug

Mile 24

Continuing our sprint finish for the relay is Briony who ran mile 24 in Bristol:











At the start of the year I was feeling fat, unfit and miserable. I had moved to a new city with my boyfriend the previous summer and months of job hunting had taken it’s toll – I took refuge in tv, the sofa and piles of food and told myself it was winter and this kind of hibernation was normal. I had a wardrobe full of lovely clothes but kept wearing the same old things because they were the only ones that I could still squeeze into. Then one day I had had enough. I made a resolution at the start of February to sort my life out. I couldn’t afford gym membership so walking/running outside seemed like a good thrifty option. I bought RFBR on my iPhone one evening, read it that night and took my first walk the next day.

At first, I couldn’t believe how difficult I found it running for just 30 seconds and was close to giving up on the whole thing and resigning myself to elasticated waistbands. One night, after a few glasses of wine with some friends (the wine is significant, I can’t imagine this would have happened without it!) I decided to sign up for the Bristol 10k which happened to be on my 32nd birthday. Once I’d paid my entrance fee and had something to work towards I found grit I didn’t know I had. Never underestimate the motivation pride can provide! I was determined to run the whole course, which I did, and I finished in 1h and 5, which I was utterly thrilled with.

After feeling a bit aimless once that race was over, I have signed up for another race in October to keep my motivation up. I am now over a stone lighter (the lovely clothes all fit me now!), fitter than I have been in years and so much happier.

Although I originally started running out of pure vanity, the main benefit has actually been feeling so much calmer and on top of things. I am very proud to have had this opportunity to run a mile of gratitude and celebration!

The Grit Doctor says:

Briony, I take my hat off to you and am so pleased you can now fit into all your lovely clothes. So so motivating. Spectacular results are there for the taking when we make a genuine commitment and *get gritty*


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