5-a-Day – The Grit Doctor Way

29 Oct

I was recently invited by David @fivethingsnow to contribute my 5 pennies’ worth to his blog www.5thingstodotoday.com and invited him to do the same for mine.  Below are his ‘5 a day.’  Much like eating green veg, you may not feel like doing them.  But there is something about choosing 5 things to do today and seeing it through that is immensely satisfying.  If neither of our 5-a-day appeal, choose 5 of your own instead and DO THEM ALL TODAY…

1. Make a deliberate attempt to tune into your intuition. Your intuition is designed to protect you so take advantage of it. This will be hard at first to go with it but you will soon be appreciating that you are making better decisions. Do you need that extra chocolate biscuit? Should you be talking about that person in that way? You will be surprised how many times a day your intuition can be a saviour.
2. Decide that you are going to go outside and run a mile. When I say run  you could walk for a minute and run for 30 seconds and keep alternating. Just do what you can manage. You may find it useful to use one of the many smart phone apps to measure your distance so you know you have done enough. The important thing is that it is outside and involved movement. Procrastination is not allowed – throw yourself out and get on with it. You may be amazed that running/moving a mile a day for a whole year would mean completing approximately fourteen marathons a year!
3. Buy a cheap egg timer and use it to make an incision on that job or task you simply don’t want to do. Set the timer for ten minutes and start doing the task. Anything from sorting out an untidy floor to writing a business plan it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you start and you will be amazed what you can get done in the ten minute interval.
4. Try not to eat any carbohydrate based foods after 1.00 in the afternoon. You will feel so much more energetic and not do heavy whilst trying to get to sleep.
5. When you are at the supermarket park your car at the far end of the carpark- as far as you can go. This is just one of many examples where you can incorporate exercise into your daily lives without noticing.
David www.5thingstodotoday.com @fivethingsnow

3 Responses to “5-a-Day – The Grit Doctor Way”

  1. shreejacob October 29, 2012 at 11:43 pm #

    Hi! Dropped by from David’s blog to yours! Nice suggestions! Funnily enough 3 out of 5 of those suit me really well..so I really should try them! 🙂

  2. R Taylor November 8, 2012 at 11:43 am #

    I like your suggestions. From now on I’m doing that… Thanks for you advise.


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