Gritty Keeley

13 Feb

Keeley got in touch with me via the RFBR facebook page and I thought she had bucket loads of grit and – lets face it – we all need motivating during these dark winter months.  So here goes the exchange:

Keeley: I loved the book!  I’m a runner who lost all motivation over the winter. Too busy trying to beat my last time, that when I didn’t I lost my confidence and virtually gave up (only 1 run a week).  Reading that all runs are wins, no matter how slow they are, got me out of the front door on a long run in the wind and rain… and the result?  A slow run, but I ran the whole way (10k), chanting – ‘every step is a win’!  Feel so much more positive – thank you!

Ruth Field thats so great and is exactly how i get thorugh most of my runs – all if which are pretty slow ‘every time you run you win’ keep it up!
Keeley Dulin With 3 boys, working long hours, and a hubby who starts early and finishes wrk late – the only time I’ve got to exercise is 5am….today, for the first time in months – I did a treadmill run at this time, and although it was hard work, I’m so pleased to have done it – another win!  I didn’t worry about the speed, or even the distance – I’ve decided to build up slowly to where I was 8 months ago, and be ‘kind’ to myself – i.e. even a bad run is a win, and I DID get up at 4.45am to do my run – another win!!  Thanks again for giving me the push I needed!
 Ruth Field Well bloody done girl.  you’ve got bucket loadsa grit.  be very proud of yourself, can i put your messages up on my blog.  very inspiring for others to read i think x
Keeley Dulin absolutely – also puts the pressure on me to keep it up
The Grit Doctor says:
Pressure + Grit = guaranteed win EVERY TIME you set foot out of the  front door.

3 Responses to “Gritty Keeley”

  1. Leanne February 17, 2013 at 6:56 pm #

    Hi all

    Well 8 weeks to go before the Brighton marathon ( really shouldn’t of read the marathon plan crazy idea to enter )!!!

    I managed to nail an 18 mile run Friday and really thought my legs where going to give up on me , I just kept chanting every time you run u win!!

    Now any advice as to how the hell I can make these long runs anymore easier I had to stop on the last 4 miles to keep stretching. Also has anyone heard of taking a chopped up mars bar for fuel whilst u run or is that really being a fat b!tch !

    Support and gritty words of advice welcome !!

    • gritdoctor February 18, 2013 at 10:41 am #

      that is brilliant. if you can manage an 18 miler, you are marathon ready. and great idea having chopped up mars bar on your long runs. i cant bear those energy gels/drinks and you defs need a glucose injection during the latter part of those long runs. so keep it up, stay injury-free and keep us posted xx

  2. Emma February 17, 2013 at 11:05 pm #

    This was exactly just what i needed to read! Have been experiencing the exact same frustration of not having bettered my last run. MUST and WILL remember each run is a WIN! That will get me out the door.

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