Liz Manning from NZ gets gritty

20 Feb
Liz Manning got in touch with me via the Run Fat Bitch Run facebook page and I went out for a run straight after reading her message.  I hope it inspires you too on this wintry day to ditch the excuses and get outside running. 

Monday at 3:56am near Auckland, New Zealand ·

  • Well 2 years post breast cancer and time to get my life, body, mind and self esteem back…. Read your book last month and have run almost every day since and km times slowly improving every day. Reading your book was an epiphany… I have run all my life but I had forgotten how good it felt. I lost myself and comfort ate my way through cancer. But …now I am in touch with my inner bitch and feeling so much better. I can hardly bear to take a day off. Every run is a win. Waitakere 11km in October, here I come. Thankyou Ruth, so much

    The Grit Doctor says: Thank YOU Liz. 


One Response to “Liz Manning from NZ gets gritty”

  1. Margaret February 20, 2013 at 10:20 am #

    Fantastic Liz, you are an absolute inspiration! Thank you xx

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