Thank you London Marathon

24 Apr

Seeing all those delighted faces and hearing the incredibly moving stories from participants in the marathon was the perfect tonic to get me lacing up my trainers again with real purpose. Listening (on the telly) to people trying to express the emotions that taking part in this amazing event brings about, and what it means to them to have what feels like an entire city on their side, cheering them on. To really belong, to feel properly connected through this simple act of putting one foot in front of the other over and over again for 26.2 miles. And the .2 at the bitter end – wow – you can live an entire lifetime over that .2 of a mile. Pulled along by the magical force generated by a complete stranger who, for whatever reason saw your distress, felt your pain and chose to make it matter to them that you, too, made it across the finishing line. Unbelievable acts of charity go on over those 26.2 miles – which can continue to humble you for a lifetime. Ordinary people doing something completely extraordinary with their Sunday. So so moving.

Whatever I have going on in my life I can face when I run. And when my shit is all over the place, it is almost always because I have stopped running for a couple of weeks or slackened off. Running is the key to being me – it unlocks all my potential and more. With twins toddlers – and currently home alone with Olly in Preston – it has also become essential for my mental health! It is the antidote to the poison that disturbed nights with the twins can bring about; it is the answer to any creative blockage, it is the hope and centredness that alleviates all my fears.

The Grit Doctor says:

Thank you London marathoners – for giving me back my running mojo.


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