Fengshuit: Managing the mess

29 May

Dear GD,

Q: I’ve denied it for years but have recently come to the conclusion that maybe I am, at times, just a little bit messy. My room’s a mess, my desk’s a mess, my handbag’s a mess, my li… you get the idea. I will often have a mass spring clean throughout all seasons and my GYST glow will last a couple of weeks but then the mess returns, it creeps up slowly and then BANG, it’s there, staring me in the face, tripping me up as I get ready for work and knocking over my water glass throughout the day, soaking precious documents beyond repair.

Do you have any tips for how I can become more neat, and therefore more consistently GYST-full… allowing for a year-round GYST glow?

A: The thing about being messy is that is doesn’t matter up to a point: provided you know where stuff is kept and can find your keys and purse without getting your fingers stuck in unidentified gunk… It starts to matter when being messy is causing you to be chaotic, late, disorganised and deranged. And it sounds as though you are in danger of slipping into this zone. Fear not, we have all been there, as I was before I wrote ‘Get Your Shit Together’ and during the often messy process of writing it I found the solution: Clean one shelf of one kitchen cupboard right NOW. The simple act of committing to this small cleaning task and seeing it through will have you tackling your handbag and bedroom in no time because getting started is always the hardest part in tackling any project. The trouble with being messy everywhere (bag, desk, bedroom, house, life….) is that it just seems too overwhelming to tackle in one go – and it is – but when approached as a ‘one-shelf-at-a-time’ project, it is completely doable. And….*bonus feature*….there is a wierd energy that overcomes you when you start on the kitchen shelf, and it gathers momentum as you find yourself caught in something of a fengshuit frenzy: tackling cupboards, wardrobes and skanky bathroom cabinets with a fervour usually reserved for early-days-relationship sex. Sadly, this frenetic level of cleaning cannot be sustained. The key to remaining in gyst-ful swing is to tackle ‘one shelf’ every day in whatever area of your life is in the biggest mess – and make this a habit.

The Grit Doctor says:

Being messy is a choice that leaves us feeling out of control and overwhelmed. Fengshuit, on the other hand leads to multiple *gritgasms* which have to be experienced to be believed.


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