Grandmother Grit

5 Jun

Dear Ruth,

I realise you do not get many requests like this one. I am 74 and weigh ten stone; 5’4″ . I would like to lose a stone mostly around the waste of 35 inches!. I like to look well. I am active, in that I do the usual housework. I am member of gym/swim, and go about once a week. I eat wisely normal meals, with a bit of apple crumble or such. Can you help me lose a stone. I eat lots of fruit and not much sugar.

With regards and I wish you success and happiness.


A: Wow, what a woman!
Firstly, it is completely natural for the waistline to thicken as we get older. So you may have to kiss any fantasies of a 26 inch waistline goodbye. However, some of those inches can be shaved off and your goal of 1 stone sounds realistic and achievable, and its great that you are already active enough to do your household chores and are a member of the gym and working out there every week – The Grit Doctor is very impressed!

I would take a two-pronged attack to your goal:

1. Up your gym visits to three times a week, ideally for a swim; swimming is fantastic at your age, being gentle on the joints whilst giving your heart and muscles a great workout. This increase in exercise is necessary as you need to get your metabolic rate up to start burning off some fat, and exercise is the best way to achieve this. The fact you already go once a week gives me hope that you enjoy it and it is an ingrained part of your weekly routine, so upping the ante a little ought not to be too much of a pain… Go twice a week initially for a couple of weeks and when you get used to that and feel ready, up the weekly visits to three. Plus, attack that housework with as much gusto as you can. Housework is great for calorie burning: hovering and cleaning, esepcially when we really go for it. But please be sensible, and don’t go overboard and end up pulling a muscle..

2. The apple crumble, I’m afraid, ought to go from your diet. Replace it with just the apple, and use the time you have saved from making the crumble to squeeze in your extra gym visit. I am quite sure you will lose several pounds at the very least on this regime: drink more water and eat less cr** – EVERY day – and make this a habit.

The Grit Doctor says:

If and when your weight loss stagnates, get back in touch and we will *grittify* your regime.


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