Sharing the Grit

14 Jun


We spent a wonderful evening on Wednesday at the L,B headquarters in the heart of London town in GYSTful swing with the ladies who won the Grit Doctor Competition.  I was humbled and inspired to hear that one guest had travelled down from Edinburgh, another from Bournemouth, and one lady had come from Chichester.  Deirdre – who I had been dying to meet – was coming over from Ireland, but had to cancel at the last moment and sent her sister Sheila in her place (as #gysty a move as ever there was).  It was particularly impressive that she made it into the building and past security – I hadn’t had such luck earlier on.  It must be that Irish charm… 

And what a wonderful evening it was.  An intimate group of ladies having a drink and a nibble and a talk about Getting Our S**t Together is incredibly life affirming as it turns out.  All of us from different parts of the country (or other countries as it turns out) with our own struggles but with so much in common too!  All trying to do ‘our thang’ and to inject some GYST into it.  Something truly magical can come about when you get a group of women in a room together with wine and nibbles, who all want to Get Their Shit Together and have a great laugh about it along the way.  So thank you all for coming and sharing your obvious gystfulness with the group. I like to think we all left feeling a bit more inspired and motivated than when we arrived.  I most certainly did, so thank you for that.

Leanne, have you opened the bank account yet?  Lateefa, I hope you have been putting yourself and your art out there and talking to the big guns!  Sarah, I hope you made it safely back home to Edinburgh and that the potty training is improving (for what it’s worth we are still very much at square one here).  Other Sarah I hope you are some to way to finding out what your ‘thang’ is (oooh that sounds a little rude); Jo I hope your friend didn’t take offence at her ‘gifts’ especially Run Fat Bitch Run, and that you are surviving without your ducktape?!. Sheila, best of luck with the Achill run.  And Laura, well done for taking your gystfulness into the office yesterday and getting sh** done.

A Grit Doctor reminder:

Always carry a miniature spare lightbulb in your handbag in case of *most random item* handbag competitions.

The Grit Doctor says:

#Gystiness – when shared – multiplies



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