Lindsey’s GYST fest

17 Jun

I had this wonderful email from Lindsey this morning and she kindly gave me permission to post it up on the blog. It is very inspiring and, yes, Lindsey, when I receive messages like your’s, I do feel as though I have the best job!

Dear Ruth,

Whoever gets to read your emails coming in must have the most uplifting job in the world.

I have now read about half of your book ‘Get Your Shit Together’ and it has inspired me beyond anything i thought i was capable of. I have always been of the opinion that I get shit done and that i do it effectively, but i have been looking at the small picture for far too long.

Since starting this book i have feng shuitted my flat (always neat and tidy but i could never find anything, plus, i thought i needed to go out and buy a new shelving unit but it turns out i just needed to get real, throw stuff out that i do not need and do a couple of runs to the charity shop!)

But the reason for sending you this email is that i just read, and acted upon, page 174. Now, i did not say sorry (maybe that will come next if it feels like the right thing to do for ME!) but i did just email my dad who was horrid when i was a kid and who i have not spoken to in decade. It wasn’t a dramatic heartfelt email (that would have taken too much time and i am applying for a new job!) but it was written after thinking about the opposing argument. It was written with understanding and with no expectations and to also wish him happiness in the life he now has. And bloody hell does it feel good to have done it!

And in the 20 minutes since i sent it, i have invited the bloke i am rather keen on round for a drink, emailed a friend i lost contact with over a ridiculous disagreement a couple of years ago and text a friend i haven’t seen in ages and arranged a catch up.

I could tell you of the many little changes i have made since i started reading your book but that would take too much time and i have a job application to complete and a date to get ready for.

A huge thank you to being the metaphorical mirror for me to take a good long hard look into. I plan on keeping up this momentum!

The Grit Doctor says:

Wow Lindsey, I am dying to hear what happens next for you. It takes a very brave person to do as you have done, but the rewards are huge: *gritgasms* aplenty!


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