Grit and Denim….

8 Jul

…has a lovely ring to it non? And no, its not a new style of jeans interwoven with coarse sand.

Donna Ida and The Grit Doctor are inviting you to join us for a session at the ‘Grit and Denim Clinic’ at Donna Ida, The Village Westfield London W12 7GF from 12-4pm on Saturday 20th July. Jean Queen Donna Ida Thornton will be on-hand to fit you into your perfect pair of jeans in the Donna Ida Denim Clinic where she is famed for her expert style advice. She will also introduce you to her debut IDA collection of high-waisted jeans and luxurious separates.

I will be on hand to provide practical, if a little bit irreverent, advice on how to sort your life out. Whatever your problem is, I will help you find the simple action steps necessary to combat it, no issue is too trivial or momentous. I’ll help you tackle friend bust ups, how to scale back that glass of wine a night habit or how to go about seducing that man you’ve been eyeballing for the last month. Nothing is off limits.

While I get to work on your life, Donna will be getting to work on your denim and matching you with the perfect pair of jeans for your body to guarantee hotness in proceeding with your new life plan. For one day only The Jeans Queen and The Grit Doctor join forces for the day to find you that endlessly elusive perfect fitting pair of jeans and provide a free brain detox so you’ll leave looking incredible and feeling like you have totally got your s*** together.

The Grit Doctor says:

Book yourself in. You know it makes sense. RSVP email –


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