Hot and GYSTY

19 Jul

5 things I’ve learned – THE GRITTY WAY – during the heatwave

1) Always check your derriere before exiting the house in a pair of shorts/short skirt, especially if you have been applying fake tan. The rear view may not be so hot – this applies particularly to the over 35s I’m afraid…gritty but absolutely necessary.

2) Don’t run in full length black lycra. It is unnecessary to try and recreate the uber gritty training conditions of altitude, Africa or Miami. It is almost certainly hotter here at the moment.

3) Nude underwear – whilst desperately unattractive – is a MUST under many summery clothes. If in doubt about the sheerness of that yellow chiffon dress Ruth, wear nude.

4) The insatiable urge for about 10 ice creams a day and ice cold sugary blended drinks from coffee shops must be curtailed. Stock up on good quality ice lollies (check ingredients and calories) to devour without a trace of guilt or make your own.

5) Possibly don’t move your twin toddlers from cots into beds tonight. If you do make this error because your husband dismantled the cots and built beds in your absence, resist the urge to scream at everyone, and instead set up a travel cot in the spare room or in any spare space not liked by either twin and threaten them with sleeping in it on their own if they don’t get into their beds NOW. Follow through on all threats.

Anyhow, don’t forget to come and see me and Donna Ida at her fabulous denim emporium in Westfield tomorrow for some grit and denim action. Two things which we always need, no matter what is going on with the weather.

The Grit Doctor says:

Book yourself in. You know it makes sense. RSVP email –


One Response to “Hot and GYSTY”

  1. Shirley July 19, 2013 at 4:04 pm #

    Moved my 23mth old twins into beds 3wks ago and they still appear in at the middle of the night ahhhh

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