GYST sappers

31 Jul

Inspired by a tweet from @Fiona_Dunne ‘A hangover definitely doesn’t help when trying to #GYST’, my mind suddenly flooded with other potentially unGYSTful states that I have found myself in of late:

1.HANGOVERS as Fiona points out are tres tres ungystful. The quickest way to turn an overhung day around is with a long run FAT BITCH run.

2.BEING permanently HOT AND SWEATY but never in the sexual sense.

3.PMS – best cured in the same way as hangovers.

A Grit Doctor aside:

In both cases (hangovers and PMS) it is easier said than done to go for a run. The couch, the duvet and junk food will be powerful magnets. It is only your experience of running as the cure that will enable your Inner Bitch to win the day. So you need to build up a bank of experience. I make sure I run more often when its that time of the month in spite of ‘feeling like doing it’ less. I know from experience that the run does more than anything else to bring my body and mind back into balance.

4.HOLIDAYS with twins and potentially without husbands. Uninspiring at best, and, when coupled with PMS, suicide-inducing.

5.OTHER MOTHERS with more than two children under 5, who have managed to leave the house with their brood, faces free of food and faeces and WITH MAKEUP ON (her face that is, not the kids).

6.TAKING OUT PMS on librarian who told you you owe 15 quid on a DVD that is only a week overdue. I COULD BUY THE FUCKING DVD FOR THAT PRICE. The bad energy generated by this exchange is most ungystful.

The Grit Doctor says:

Re: point 6, only a heartfelt apology will ensure a return to gystiness. Re: point 5, I suspect *staff* are involved.


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