Royal Grit

20 Nov

I was BEYOND excited to find myself having a natter with none other than The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – aka Wills and Kate – yesterday morning. I’d like to be able to report that it was on account of my services to *grit* or some such other ‘me-related’ activity, but alas no….

So, how was it that I found myself actually chatting to William in the basement of a slightly shabby looking church in Cubitt Street, Kings Cross? Well, it is because I am lucky enough to be a trustee of an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G charity – ‘Only Connect’ (….a charity so amazing in fact that it has grabbed the attention of the Royals.

Only Connect provides training support and creative opportunities to help prisoners, ex-offenders and young people ‘at risk’ to realise their true value. At its heart, Only Connect recognises that the relationships we forge make or break our lives and our communities. And so it fosters positive and lasting ones in a community of members where everybody is seen as a contributor, and no longer as a liability. How incredibly AWESOME. And now with The Royal Seal of Approval no less.

On a more superficial note I can report:

Kate’s hair is so glossy I had to physically restrain myself from reaching out to stroke it;
Wills is impossibly handsome in the flesh – no photograph does him justice;
Kate ate TWO pieces of cake – at which point I thought NOW is my opportunity to whip out a copy of Run Fat Bitch Run from my handbag – I mean, Kate clearly NEEDS this book and it really is my duty to introduce her to the Grit Doctor. Needless to say, I failed to deliver.

The Grit Doctor says:
*star struck beyond all recognition*


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