The Ninth Day of Gritmas

28 Dec

If ever there was the perfect day to go for a really long saturated-fat-mince-pie-*twinkle*-trifle-bread-and-butter pudding-ham-beef-gravy-cheese-busting run, it is today. At least for those of us in North London where it is all clear blue skies and stillness, beautiful crisp clean air, just begging to be run through. We must grab these opportunities when they present themselves or risk that in the space of a 40 minute attitude transforming run, they may be gone.

I know I know – you all have a billion things to do and running was not on your list, plus you are just so tired after Christmas and feeling lazy and sluggish. But isn’t your inner bitch squirming a little with anxiety, having been awoken from a long drunken sugar-doped stupor and demanding to be heard? Mine is, and I obeyed her demands to RUN FAT BITCH RUN this morning, and as a result I feel like a new woman.

Give yourself the best post-Christmas present of a long run in the beautiful winter sun. The perfect antidote to the week just past, not just in terms of fighting the Christmas bulge, but to de-stress, to re-group, to re-charge your batteries to full capacity for the New Year.

Gritmas Tip:

Take advantage of the calm before the storm by getting a run in each day between now and New Years Day, so you are feeling pumped and positive rather than panicked and pained for the dawn 2014.


One Response to “The Ninth Day of Gritmas”

  1. destinyangel444 December 28, 2013 at 12:37 pm #

    The best advice I ever received was from a great friend who is now departed from this world, and it was, ‘GET YOUR SH!T TOGETHER!’ So when I saw that it was the title of your book, I had to buy it. It was a very worthwhile purchase, and has inspired me to take up running. I’m not yet up to running any great distance – one step at a time – but I do love big, long walks, and today is just one of those days for a big, long walk.

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