On the Tenth Day of Gritmas….

29 Dec

…..I’m back at church with a confession to make and a new plan of action/positive penance to deal with it. Confession: My efforts to get to Mass have been woeful since having the twins 3 years ago, and I have been blaming them. Blaming them for being impossible to manage in church and forcing me into always abandoning Mass early because they won’t just sit still and shut the f*** up for more than a millisecond at a time. So, I gave up far too often, which turned into going less and less and, much like with running, the less you go, the less you miss it, because it is only through regular practise that any benefits are revealed.

Anyhow, my brother pointed out on Christmas Day why not go every week and just take one twin each time? That way its totally doable. How obvious! Why had I not thought of doing this before? I started the new regime today, and it worked a treat.

Gritmas Tip/Note to self:
Sometimes we develop blind spots over problems that prevent us from seeing obvious solutions. Always ask, is there another way to do this? And never hide behind circumstances as an excuse.


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